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Below are some helpful Property Tools you can access.

Check your Property Value by clicking below. You can provide us with your property information, and we will send you the Valuation Report.

Or if you wish to have an estimation of your available funds, you can access Property Calculators at the section below.

Financial Calculators

Need to estimate your funds to plan for your property purchase/s? Below are some Edgeprop calculators to help you! It is always good to get prepared, isn't it?


Check your monthly instalment repayment here


Check the progress payment of a BUC property


Check the TSDR for your pte property purchase


Check the MSR for your HDB flat / EC purchase


Check the proceeds from the sale of your property


Calculate seller stamp duty (residential property sold within 3 yrs from purchase)


Calculate the stamp duty for your private residential property purchase


Calculate the stamp duty for your commercial & industrial property purchase

The above Property Tools are useful for some basic checks.

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