See what some of our loyal customers have to say about us. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

V & A, Seller of Euhabitat unit

They are the best team ever! They are diligent and fast, very attentive and putting our interest as priority. We do not have to worry as they will constantly keep us updated of the on-goings. We just leave everything to them as they are trustworthy and reliable. It's the amazing team work, and they managed to set record price for our estate! Yes! They are highly recommended!

The Wong family

We have been working with Hwee Teng for almost 10 years now. She has been diligently handling all our family's portfolio including purchasing, sales and rental. Very professional and personalised service. Without her, we will really be very busy handling all the tenants. We are very happy to have her as our agent to take care of all our property needs.

Mr Yeo, Seller of HDB

This duo provides sound advice and looks after our interest as seller. Even though during the tough times when Covid-19 strikes and we had to go through the never before Circuit Breaker period in Singapore, they are able to continue to keep the virtual activities ongoing. Truly thinking out of the box and providing the extra mile.

Ms Helen Huong, Foreign Investor from Vietnam

Hwee Teng is a friendly and trustworthy real estate professional. As I am residing overseas, Hwee Teng helps to oversee all my property and tenancy matters on my behalf. I am really thankful for her diligent help and constant updates.

Mdm Linda Liong, Local Investor

I have known Amilyn for 15 years. I picked up her flyer for a new launch back then. Since that property purchase, she has been handling all my property transactions. We have been through various property cycles together. I never have to worry about anything at all. Sometimes, even with mutiple property transactions at one go, buy/sell/lease, at ease. As I am always busy with my work and with frequent travelling, she is just the right one I can rely on to help manage all my property investment matters, she will goes extra miles to make sure everything is well taken care of. She is more on-the-ball with my properties management than me. Highly recommended!

Michelle Mak, client-to-be

My friend, a long time client of Amilyn, referred her to us. Though we have not concluded any deal with her, she has been patiently giving us advise we need for our situation. Thank you so much, Amilyn. Me and my husband are looking forward to purchase our 1st investment property through her soon!

Ms Winnes Choo, HDB Seller

We purchased our 4rm flat with Amilyn's help in year 2005. I had some issues with my ex-husband and we decided go separate ways, sell the flat and move on. So we called her up. She had to be middleman and messeger between us. Thanks to her and her patience in handling our differences. She made everything easier and we had a swift transaction. Everything settled just before the start of circuit breaker. She also helped us secured a good price. Thank you so much!

Mr. Fong, Seller & Buyer of HDB Flats

We are very happy clients! Very glad to have found our new place, very cooling at night, never need to switch ON fan since we moved in. Thanks for the duo's hard work during the resale process of selling our old unit and buying of our new home. You have made it a smooth transition for us!

Mr. Chai, Seller & Buyer of HDB Flats

When I first saw their flyer in my mailbox, I gave Hwee Teng a call. Immediately both of them took action and visited me at my flat to start discussions on the selling and buying plans together with my family. Even though I have a unique flat design, the two of them are still able to fetch a good selling price for my flat and I was then able to move closer to my parents. They are really a hardworking pair. I would definitely engage them again in future and refer them to my friends & family.

Mdm Li Tong, HDB Seller cum Buyer

My whole family is happy with the way Amilyn handled our HDB transactions. From selling our existing flat to getting our next flat, the process has been seamless. As we are very particular with Feng Shui of our home, she has been very patient throughout our home-seeking process, making sure we find the home we want. Happy and satisfied family!

Mr Alex Chen, Foreign Investor from Malaysia

Hwee Teng was referred to me by my Banker. Since then, we have developed good working relationship. I bought my first property through her and she has since been looking after my portfolio. As I am always busy travelling for my own business, it is always comforting to know that I have someone whom I can trust to help look after my portfolio. She has really been a great help to me and my family.

Mr & Mrs Syed Omar Shariff Bin Syed Edroos Zaaheir, seller & Buyer

We have engaged them in our selling and buying of our HDB flats. Found us a good buyer, and found us a dream home in a good location. All our family members love our new home. They followed through the whole process from selling to buying, within extension stay for our renovation, till we moved in to our new home. Timeline was very well-planned. No hiccups or any inconveniences, even during this covid pandemic. Highly recommended!

Ivan Choo, DIY Buyer

I got to know them from my purchase of a HDB Flat which they were marketing. I am a diy buyer. I found this property listing on Property Guru and arranged for viewing. They have been very helpful and provided me with advise along the way even if they were not representing me. The whole process was smooth. Will be getting them to sell my flat in future when time comes.